Vehicle Inspection in Revelstoke by Journeyman-Certified Technicians

Getting your vehicle checked out before getting back on the road isn’t something to think over. You need your vehicle in top-notch condition not just to guarantee your own safety but also for the safety of those who are riding with you. A proper vehicle inspection in Revelstoke will involve a thorough assessment to ensure that the car or truck in question functions flawlessly.

The defects that are determined during the vehicle inspection ensure that your vehicle doesn’t suffer from any unforeseen mechanical or other failure. This keeps you safe while driving and also bypasses the need for expensive repairs.

At M C Mechanical Services, we offer service and repairs to help keep your wheels turning. We have fully trained and journeyman-certified technicians on staff, ensuring a fast, effective repair every time. For 24-hour mobile breakdown service — call M C Mechanical today!

Mobile & Shop Services

The licensed diesel mechanics at M C Mechanical in Revelstoke use the latest diagnostic equipment and high-quality replacement parts to ensure a long-lasting fix. The standard procedure for a vehicle inspection in Revelstoke is to check for safety. Additionally, the brakes, motor and engine are all checked for any irregularities. Welding, service, maintenance, and repairs are available for:

  • Antilock Brake Systems (ABS)
  • Reefer Units
  • Drive Trains
  • General Automotive Repairs
  • Diesel Engines
  • Hydraulics
  • Radiator & Cooling Systems
  • Air Conditioning
  • Trailers
  • MVI Inspections
  • Parts Replacements
  • Welding

You may think that dealing with faulty parts or replacing one is expensive. Although this is true in a way, it is nothing compared to the expenses that may be incurred in the event of an accident or worse. It is absolutely critical for your vehicle to be in a condition that makes it suitable for the road. M C Mechanical Services Ltd. gladly offers its assistance. We care for what our customers expect in terms of service and work toward that with utmost professionalism.

We work with all makes and models of trucks, RVs, coaches, and tractor trailers, including CAT®, Detroit Diesel®, and Cummins®. Check what our satisfied customers have say about us!

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